Healing of thyroid
School of the Supernatural 2014 For a number of months I had been struggling with hyperthyroidism and went to the Supernatural school in response to a dream a friend had that showed we both went. My doctor was unsure about my going and the first few days... Continue Reading
The Best so far
“School Of The Supernatural,” Eltham, NZ: (2nd-8th February 2014). The 2014 Eltham School of the Supernatural was the best so far. We saw people come in one way and leave another ~ free of things that had weighed them down. God did a deep work in people’s... Continue Reading
The School lived up to its name
The theme emerging from this School was learning how to operate in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit with love, integrity and how God is concerned with how we use our gifts rather than the gift itself, i.e. the character of a person. The School certainly lived... Continue Reading
Excellent Hospitality
The hospitality was excellent.  The whole week was very well organized and it was obvious that a lot of hard work had gone into planning and preparing for it.  The atmosphere was easy, relaxed, very friendly and supportive.  The ministry by the four leaders was relevant, challenging... Continue Reading