Holy Spirit Baptism

I was so encouraged today with the word that Geoffrey Cooling brought on the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

I was raised in a church that didn’t believe in the gifts for the Church today and even as a child I found this contrary to what scripture said. As an adult I was still quite stand-offish and fearful of this stuff, though I really wanted to experience God but at the same time I was afraid.
Previously I felt uncomfortable because I was made to practice speaking in tongues by babbling and it was frustrating. Then about twenty years ago I had another opportunity and this time it was life changing yet so gentle, and the presence of God was like an incredible peace and joy. Nothing fearful at all. I wanted tongues but that gradually came later, naturally and like a little child learning to talk it came slowly, and small amounts. But the more I let go of fear and desired this gift, the more I began to speak in this beautiful language.
It wasn’t until about four or five years ago when I realized how valuable and important this language is to my relationship with God that I have seen it grow. The more I struggle to know what to pray normally the more I just speak in tongues. Any where, any time, tongues has become more of a normal part of my life. I’ve found it’s far from scary but just a normal part of my relationship with God. So don’t be afraid of the Holy Spirit experience, the Holy Spirit is a person in His own right and very gentle and loving. Cathy