Healing of thyroid

School of the Supernatural 2014

For a number of months I had been struggling with hyperthyroidism and went to the Supernatural school in response to a dream a friend had that showed we both went. My doctor was unsure about my going and the first few days at the school I needed to lie down at the back of the room occasionally and take it easy as was also really tired with limited sleep. A healing session was held and I went up to touch someone who had Gods presence on them and felt something happen in my body. I was able to sit up after but felt the need to lie down again about 2 hours later but resisted it and was fine after that. The dizziness and palpitations went and have not returned since. I declared I was healed and said would get it tested so I had a blood test the Monday after the school and on the Thursday I was told it was normal and has been since. That night I was healed I slept extremely well and have since so have now recovered energy.

God met me in various ways that week in a time where I was weak physically and emotionally and I believe that it was a God appointment to go. The teaching and application of what was taught at the school  has been useful since and am wanting to apply it in my everyday life. I love what God will do through us and for us. Thank you to some incredible people who are willing to be used by God to enable others and in turn we can do likewise.

Carol Rigby (Auckland, NZ)