The School lived up to its name

The theme emerging from this School was learning how to operate in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit with love, integrity and how God is concerned with how we use our gifts rather than the gift itself, i.e. the character of a person.

The School certainly lived up to its name, with people being healed (including a gentleman who went home with his hearing aids in his pocket), and prophetic words and words of knowledge releasing people into their futures and being healed of past hurts. In a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit, healing was also brought between the Maori (native New Zealanders) and Pakeha (Europeans) for past wrongs to each other. This birthed a team from around the North Island, commissioned to take the word of God, through prophetic ministry, to the Maori people.

Before the School a fellow-Christian said that the amount of rain we would receive while at the School would be relevant to what God would be doing. In the midst of a drought in the area and, with a forecast of constant sunshine, we received over 30mm of rain one afternoon alone, which appears to have fallen only at the School as none of the surrounding areas received a single drop! Even the caretaker living 200 metres from the hall only recorded 9mm.

~ Andrew and Karen Murch (Hawera, NZ).